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CPA MARKETING – My First Shot at CPA Marketing


Here i am a newbie in CPA marketing, follow me as i make my first $$$ from CPA marketing, a newbie guide to CPA marketing as well.

What is CPA marketing?
CPA is an acronym for “cost per action”.
“CPA” marketing is just a term in the affiliate marketing industry whereby you make money as a publisher by advertising products and services for companies.

I am about to start a step by step guide on CPA marketing and how you will be making money from it.

There are different type of Cost Per Action, it can be anything from simply collecting an email address as a lead, getting a sale for the advertiser or simply collecting zip codes.

All actions such as a lead that you collect or a sale that you collect for the advertiser will be paid for to you by the CPA network.

To make this look simplem here are two examples of how you will be making money as a “Publisher” for many CPA networks.

Example 1:
A company runs various offers where they are interested in building their email list so if you refer someone to their service that enters their email address, you get paid. On one network you can make up to $1.70 for someone that enters just their email address. This is an example of a pay per lead action.

Simple you may think!!!

Example 2:
Another company sells their coupon book each year for $12.50 to the consumer. If you refer someone that purchases the book, you will get a percentage of the sale. On one network they offer a $7.00 payout, so you get just over 50% commission. This is an example of a pay per sale action.

There are many CPA networks for you to get started.

The interesting part of it is that signing up to CPA networks is completely free, and the more you sign up for the better it would be.
This is due to the following reasons.
Each CPA network may have different offers than the other.
A CPA network might have the same offer but one network may payout more than the other.

3 secrets to CPA marketing success


Can CPA marketing really be profitable? I have been making a living from CPA marketing for a while now and want to give you some advice about CPA marketing. I want to give you 3 peices of advice that will help you be successful in CPA marketing. When I started I was in debt up to my eye balls. If I didn’t do something about it i was in big trouble.

Some people are not sure what CPA is. I can tell you it is not about accounting. CPA is short for cost per acquisition. CPA networks look for advertisers to advertise their products on their networks where affiliates are waiting to promote those products for a commissions. The affiliates get paid a commission? Every time they generate a lead for the advertiser. Some types of advertisements are ringtones, colon cleansers, teeth whitening and more.

You will find CPA ads on most websites on the Internet. With so many ads on so many websites you would think someone is making money, right? On the other hand it could also be a very competitive market. To make sure your ads are being shown you will have to out bid you competitors and get your ad shown in front of your targeted audience at a low enough cost to make a good roi. I you haven’t done your research correctly you could stand to lose a lot of money very quickly. It is always best to have some knowledge about CPA marketing as this will help to avoid making costly mistakes, the best and fastest way to make a profits with CPA is pay per click marketing.

When I got started in CPA marketing I was working 10 hours a day for 12 days on my new campaigns. I had spent around 15k using my credit card paying for traffic, and I had made around 27k in total sales, which by the way is very good for any beginner. But there was a small problem because I had to get my check from the CPA networks so I could settle my credit card debt. I then had to put my campaigns on hold for 30 days while I waited for my check to come, which is ok but at the same time I still had to pay rent and put food on the table. At that point in time I was very excited about CPA marketing and at the moment I learnt on the 3 pearls of wisdom the lead me to success and that was focus. So what I did was I went to my email account and I unsubscribed to all the email list I was on and just focused on the one thing that was working for me and that was CPA marketing.

The top dogs in CPA marketing claim to make over $100K per day. Is that really true? It may be, but it may be hard to achieve those results on your own from your home office. They run campaigns on sophisticated software that is highly automated and optimized. Here is a little secret: you can access the very same software. A number of companies offer it, it is not expensive, but it seems nobody will tell you who they are or how to work with them. If you buy the software yourself it will cost around $250,000, but to just run a campaign is cheap and you can start with monthly budget as small as $500, which is next to nothing in ppc.

Very few marketers are even making $100K a month, but if your goal is to replace your job with an income of $10K per month, that is attainable and you can scale it up from there. But it takes time and effort to get the campaigns structured and implemented. That is the second thing: time x effort = work. This takes work. It is not rocket science and it beats answering to ‘the man’, but it requires work. You need to apply yourself. If you do, you can achieve your goals. By the way, before you start, write down your goals and your daily commitment to achieving them. Without this, 90% of people never achieve their goals and life goes on as before.

I recommend you should stick to it for a minimum of 7-8 weeks. You could see some cash straight away, it usually will take some time to get everything working right to see some major cash. If something is hard or gets in your way find away around it. You can search Google of visit forums but find away and move forward. That brings be to my 3rd point and that is determination, need help with a little HTML? Just visit our old friend Google because the answer is only at your fingertips.

3 secrets of success to earn a living with CPA marketing: focus, work, determination. It was not technical skills, although I have e learned quite a few, it was not a software, although I use software, and it was not learning web page design, HTML, php or anything else. Like all things in life, it took focus, work and determination. With all the answers literally at your fingertips, learn to use those fingers to make some money.

Learn CPA marketing Today!

Has anyone ever told you that you should learn CPA marketing if you want to make money easily? If so, did you bother to do as he said? If you did not, let me tell you that you should have done so. Why? Well, many of the successful internet marketers today are those involved in CPA marketing. Of course, if this is the first time you heard of it, you might not have a clue of how exactly one can make money from it. If you want to find out more about CPA marketing, I suggest you continue reading.

CPA stands for “cost per acquisition” or simply “cost per action” and CPA offers are the offers wherein a user has to fill in forms or download programs from a promoter. These forms to be accomplished could be as short as two text fields for your name and email address, such as those used for newsletter subscriptions, and as long as multiple text fields requiring more personal, residential, and financial information such as the types used for life insurance offers. The examples of programs that can be downloaded thru CPA offers are screensavers, wallpapers, toolbars, emoticons and smileys.

Typically, a single email submit is worth an amount from $0.25 – $4.00 and the longer forms are generally worth up to as high as $140. The important thing you must keep in mind when trying to learn CPA marketing is that money comes whenever a user downloads a program of accomplishes and submits a form. Thus, you must focus on getting more users to subscribe to or download your offers. What makes it very appealing is that typically, the users need not pay for anything. In fact, only the users’ personal information is needed most of the time. Once the form is submitted or a program downloaded, you earn a commission.

Meanwhile, CPA networks that the companies that function as intermediaries between the CPA promoter and the publishers. They host CPA offers from the promoters, have their publishers generate traffic towards these offers and then obtain a percentage of the lead’s worth. The publishers are also called affiliates. Take this example: a promoter pays the CPA network five dollars per generated lead and the CPA network pays the affiliate only four dollars per generated lead, with one dollar taken as a commission cut. This is the way profit is made in CPA marketing.

After you have logged in to a CPA network, you get the ability to look through the CPA offers available and choose which ones you want to advertise. For every individual CPA offer, you will be given a unique affiliate ID for advertising that said offer. It is the CPA network that will track all your generated leads and revenues on your behalf.

What is good about having such a network is that you will only receive a single check for all the commissions you have earned for all the offers you have promoted rather than multiple checks from many different promoters.

So there you have it! The aforementioned points are just the basics though. Anyone who wants to learn CPA marketing to earn big money still have a lot more to study, understand and become familiar with. You will find many useful resources online that will help you gain a more in-depth knowledge on CPA marketing.

Zero Friction Marketing Review-CPA Marketing

CPA networks are companies that work between advertisers and publishers. They host CPA offers from their advertisers and then have their publishers push the traffic to these CPA offers and take a percentage of the lead value.

CPA stands for “cost-per-action” offers where a user fills out a form or downloads software from an advertiser. These forms can range from a zip code submit,a single email submit to a much longer form with multiple fields.

CPA Networks generally payout anywhere from $0.25-$3.50 for a single email submit, to as high as $140 for a longer form, without even making a sale. This what the internet millionaire Saj P call it Zero Friction Marketing because you don’t need to sell products to make money online with this business model.

Applying to CPA networks requires an application process by each network. While some CPA networks are extremely easy to get into, it can be difficult to get into some of the major CPA networks if you are new to the CPA marketing game

Well, when applying to any CPA network, you need to avoid looking like a beginner, even if you are one! Generally speaking, CPA networks DO NOT want these sorts of people because their potential for earning money for the network is lower. As a result, you need to look and sound like an experienced marketer!

Many of the CPA networks require you to enter a website, so I’d recommend setting up your own professional looking website and email address, as this will help you get accepted. Also, make sure you choose a respectable email address with your business domain. DON’T use one of the free email providers such as Yahoo or Hotmail as the CPA networks are unlikely to take you seriously if you don’t even take the time to get the basics right.

They will want semi-new affiliates, so tell them that your Internet marketing experience is 2 years or more. They don’t want a ‘green’ marketer whose naivety and newbie tactics will reflect badly on the company.

Some CPA networks will call you upon registration and enquire as to whether you’re suitable. So then, now that you have a professional looking website and email address, don’t let yourself down when it comes to answering the phone! This needs to be done in a professional manner as well, so when (or if) the CPA network calls, make sure you answer it in a professional manner, giving your full name, and business name. Also, record a business-like voicemail message in case you miss the call.

If you still get rejected, don’t be discouraged as there are hundreds of other CPA networks that you can apply to. I suggest you make a phone call to the CPA network and sell yourself on the phone. Almost 90% of the time, a phone call will get you accepted into the CPA network.

Once you are accepted, you need to start driving traffic to your site as quickly as possible, as any big advertiser is certainly going to be looking at traffic statistics as one of the criteria by which they select the sites which they will work with and those that they will not.

When it come to traffic, people make a basic mistake… they think using Google is enough. It’s absolutely not. You’ve heard the stories of people losing their shirts with Google Adwords. In fact, there are other advertising networks out there that can be easier to use, cheaper and sometimes even more profitable than Google Adwords.

So Check  the new course created by Saj P show you how to promote CPA offers with MSN and article marketing, or simply forum posting. by visting My Zero Friction Marketing Review site

This idea is completely different from the conventional advice you’ll read in the mainstream press. In fact, it’s highly unlikely you’ll hear about this idea anywhere else.

How To Do Cpa Marketing

CPA marketing or Cost-Per-Action or Cost-Per-Acquisition selling is a form of online marketing where the income is based entirely on the sales figures.
For those people that are arranging a career in online promoting, CPA promoting is the number one place to start.
CPA marketing professionals are paid for diverting web traffic to particular sites. Their job outline also includes getting the web users to participate in online surveys. Their revenues are not based mostly on the amount of times the web user visits a certain webpage. Individuals that work for CPA affiliate marketing frequently wonder about the payment system of this form of promoting. In the U. S. , a CPA marketing professional can make, on an average, $0.20-$3.25 for each single e-mail address the company receives. If you can manage to get the web users to fill up consumer registration forms, then your average payment can go up to $120 per form.

In a number of cases, CPA associates are paid even when no sale is registered by the company.
If CPA affiliate marketing work interests you, then perhaps you can join a CPA network to become a CPA marketing pro.

These CPA networks then act as the intermediary between the company that wants to promote online and the CPA internet marketing executive.
It is the CPA network that allots CPA promoting middle management to numerous online advertisers. These CPA associates then help the online advertising firm in deciding the relevant online actions that can benefit the service being offered. In the end, it is the job of the CPA affiliate promotion executive to direct internet traffic towards these actions to earn cash both for the net advertising company as well as for their own self. Find out more information about cpa marketing here